Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Belated befday

Lama betul x update my blog... well progress wedding kena hold dulu.. coz now been busy packing brg2 coz next month will be move out to new house.... hehehehe x sabar nak decorate bilik baru. Even my befday dah lepas but on this month 2 kali celebrate my belated befday with my close friend bbq at Sue anna Joe house.. my best friend nie x lama lagi bakal jadi ibu.. x sabar nak tgk baby dia.. mesti comel.. Tq my dear friend even she tgh morning sickness but still have time to celebrate and buat bbq lagi tuee.. Cake from my luvly sister Sue

- Me, my bf Zack and Naim -

- Siap berposing dgn straw bunga -

All girls and boys drees up theme red and black.. even last minutes rancang. TQ so much to all yg sudi dtg and memeriahkan suasana and i really2 enjoy dgn mkn2 yerrr and
expecially Tiah yg handle this party. luv it...mmuahhh

Second befday at my office last 3 day yg lepas celebrate with the staff and the boss Dato Stapa.. Mostly every month this office akan celabrate befday all the staff. Kali nie celebrate utk bulan 6 and 7... itu yg best jadi staff kat sini..shehehehe siap ada hadiah lagi.
wahhh 2 kali for this month dapat mkn cake nyumm...
padahal tgh diet nie.. tapi x apalah utk this month aje next month dah nak poser..
masih ada masa lagi nak turun my weight..

with my boss and other staff.

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