Monday, August 10, 2009

Pameran Pengantin

Yesterday sempatlah pegi pameran pengantin -Mid valley but this time x baper meriah like last year.. i tgh usha2 for photographer and videographer... Ada a few yg berkenan di hati like thephotolicious Ini pun because last week i attend my ex housemate wedding kat Kajang-Nadia.. Serious Cantek pic dia.. This one i ambik kat sini
Nadia & Nizam
Add ImageSempatlah tanya a few package yg dia tawarkan,quick interesting because ada free pre-wedding. Another one i found anyevent-photography.. Best gak picture more things i tgh nak usha canopy package with set white chair.. and i found one from Rass Deco wedding. But after hear from them, this white chair a bit mahal lah dlm RM 18 per chair. huhuhu boleh tahan mahal. Maybe can use for utk VIP.. well will see.. Cukup x dlm my budget. if sapa2 yg tahu..yg ada ada white chair mcm niee let me know yeaaa.... tenkiu.. :)

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  1. hai. yup photolicous mmg best. anyevent pun. as a photographer myself, i would recommend those two to be put on your list ;)